Fun facts of the Queen of Melody

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Fun facts of the Queen of Melody
Shreya Ghoshal is one of the leading female vocalists we have today. Her vocal ability is known to the world, but do you know the person behind all your favourite songs?

Here are a few fun facts about the songstress that you may not know:
– Shreya’s nickname at home is Tunna. Just to confirm, despite popular belief (and lots of tweets), it isn’t Piu.
– Shreya loves Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter and Game of Thrones – so much so that she has expressed a desire to live in a Hobbit House.

– Shreya introduced the world to her Golden Retriever as New Ghoshal born 1st February. Later, Shreya named her dog Sherlock due to his intelligence and detective like nature. Sherlock has since gained a fandom of his own, with many Facebook and twitter accounts in his name.
– Shreya is huge fan of animated movies. She actually cried watching Toy Story and Wall-E (didn’t we all?)
– Shreya is a huge foodie (the eating part, more than the cooking part). She loves Thai food, or all food as a matter of fact.

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– If not a singer, Shreya would have been a genetic science student, chef or a travel photographer. – If you’re following Shreya on Instagram, you’ll already know that she has an eye for photography and has posted some of the most breath-taking pictures from around the world. If you’re not following her, you know what to do!
– Shreya is a voracious reader (when she gets the time) and has stated that her favourite gifts are books.
– Shreya loves science jokes, so if you ever meet her, you can impress her with a good old science joke.
– Shreya’s favourite number is 3.

– Shreya’s favourite sport is… wait for it… Scrabble. Did we mention she’s very geeky?
– Shreya has a few pet hates: she hates the word evening, traffic, and early morning flights. Unfortunately for her, she spends most her time in traffic, and due to her tour schedule, on early morning flights.
– Shreya recently turned producer. She produced her two new independent singles Dhadkane Azad Hain and Tere Bina. You can watch her music videos on her official Youtube channel Shreya Ghoshal Official. Like, comment and subscribe.
– Shreya’s the granddaughter of freedom fighter Sudhir Chandra Ghoshal.
– Shreya Ghoshal is the first Indian singer to make it to Madame Tussauds. You can see her in the wax, at Madame Tussauds Delhi.

– The US state of Ohio honoured Shreya by declaring June 26th June 2010 as “Shreya Ghoshal Day”. If you thought having one day in your name is cool, Shreya actually has two day’s in her name! July 24th 2015 is Shreya Ghoshal Day of Entertainment and Inspiration in Cincinnati. Fans around the world celebrate both these dates each year.
– In 2013, Shreya was honoured by elected Members of Parliament in the House of Commons, for her contribution to music during her 2013 UK tour.

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By Shamma Khan

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