Shreya Ghoshal – Melody Queen of Indian Cinema

Shreya Ghoshal, day

Shreya Ghoshal – Melody Queen of Indian Cinema
She can be undoubtedly called the melody queen of the present generation! Shreya Ghoshal, who was introduced to the Indian film industry at the age of 18, completed a decade in Bollywood this year. The singing diva has secured a comfortable seat in this competitive field and continues to enthral the audience with beautiful melodies year after year.

Here we try to list some of the best works of the singer in the years that have gone by:

1. Jadoo hai nasha: The song portrayed by the hot pair of Bipasha Basu and John Abraham, in the 2003 pot broiler `Jism’ directed by Mahesh Bhatt, became iconic for not only the sensuality that was shown on screen by the glamorous lead pair, but also due to the sultry voice of Shreya. People may not remember the movie and its characters, but the song became an iconic in its own way.

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2. Dola re: This song, that brought Aishwarya Rai and Madhuri Dixit in the movie Devdas (2002) as a dancing pair onscreen, was an instant charmer as the audience was witnessing the dancing legend and the most beautiful woman in the world, for the first time together! The dancing would have remained damp but for the voice of the young teenager who lent the additional charm to the entire sequences.

3. Zoobi doobi: (3 Idiots, 2009) The movie went on to break several records in Bollywood. But without its songs in the kitty, the charm of the movie would have remained dull. Shreya Ghoshal added to the naughty side of Kareena in the movie by giving one of her most popular performances in Zoobi doobi.

4. Chikni Chameli: (Agneepath, 2011) Katrina kaif’s item number from the movie has revealed the versatility of Shreya Ghoshal, who is more famous for doing melodious songs. Though the movie was not a great hit, Shreya managed to gain a good popularity with this song.

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5. Teri Ore: (Singh is King, 2008) yet another melody that came after a small hiatus from the artist, took Shreya to another level of popularity. The beautiful portrayal of the song by Katrina Kaif added some more beauty to this enchanting rendition.

6. Ooh la la: (The Dirty Picture, 2011) Yes, it came as a surprise to many a listeners but reconfirmed the fact that Shreya was indeed a versatile singer! The vocal undulations required by the song, was beautifully managed by the singer.

7. Pal pal har pal: (Lagey raho Munna bhai) Shreya Ghoshal’s melodious voice is all evident through this beautiful rendition! Just simple, pure and pleasant melody.

8. Piyu bole: (Parineeta, 2005) The song came across as a continuation of one more’ from Shreya Ghoshal. Personifying the talent from Bengal in the most beautiful way, Shreya became one of the most sought after singers in the film industry. Needless to say that she was making waves in the media for all the good and beautiful reasons!

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9. Barso re: (Guru) No one could have done justice with this song better than Shreya. Her voice was so well synchronized with the rain in which Aishwarya Rai was seen dancing in the movie that the song became an instant hit.

10. Bairi piya: (Devdas, 2002) remains one of the favourites of many listeners even after a decade! Among the first solos of Shreya Ghoshal, the song has never faded out of the musical ears’ memory. One may not be wrong if the song was titled as the best ever till date by the artist.

As an artist and singer Shreya Ghoshal commands a distinct place in the world of music and we hope that the diva continues to gain and accomplish musical heights in loads in the years to come!!

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