Shreya Ghoshal Dazzles Thousands of Music Lovers

Shreya Ghoshal during usa tour

Shreya Ghoshal Dazzles Thousands of Music Lovers in NC, NY, & OH During AAPI’s Nine-City Musical Tour
New York, NY: She came, she sang, and she won the hearts and souls of thousands of music lovers in New York, Charlotte, NC, and Columbus, OH, during her first three back to back performances last weekend, as part of a Nine-City Musical Tour across the United States, during a Mult-City Musical Tour organized by the American Association of Physicians of Indian origin (AAPI).

Shreya Ghoshal, the popular Bollywood playback singer, who shot to fame in a short span of time, sang with a string of melodies songs with her eternal voice filling the prestigious Colden Auditorium at Queens College, Flushing, NY on Saturday night, September 22nd. Singing came very natural to this young and talented artist, as Shreya sang old and new hit songs from the Bollywood world in Hindi, Bengali and Malayalam before a packed audience who relished the more than three-hours long non-stop musical entertainment program.

Earlier, Dr. Seema Jain, Secretary of AAPI, introduced AAPI leaders, who were behind the Nine-City Musical Tour to the audience. As Dr. Narendra Kumar, president, Dr. Ravi Jahagirdar, vice-president, and Dr. Ajay Lodha, Treasurer, walked up to the stage, the crowds applauded them for the noble initiatives AAPI has undertaken here in the US and back home in India. “Dr. Jayesh Shah, President-elect, could not be on stage as he is on his way to Ohio for the concert in Columbus,” Dr. Jain said.

“It all began with the idea of strengthening the relationship between the AAPI Chapters and national office,” Dr. Narendra Kumar said. “The concept of this program to bring together various local Chapters and its nearly 100,000 members and Fellows closer has been in my mind for several years. Drs. Jayesh Shah, Ravi Jahagirdar and Hemant Dhingra enthusiastically received this idea and the net result of our collaboration and dialogue is the Multi-City Tour.” He then went on to present a plaque to Sebastian Joseph, Chairman of Prince Holding for being the title sponsor of the Tour.

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Conversing both in English and Hindi at ease, Shreya Ghoshal dressed elegantly in beautiful attires, was joined by Prithvi, a young male singer from Mumbai, Shreya chose for his powerful and rhythmic voice. The audience also got to hear from Jeffrey, the winner of the Sa-Re-Ga-Ma contest in 2009, who danced and sang to the tune of some fast moving numbers in Hindi and Punjabi, even as the audience loudly cheered and joined him in singing.

“I sing my most favorite songs whenever I sing in New York,” Shreya told her enthusiastic audience, and went on to dedicate the next number to the audience in New York. “You have been the best,” she told them even as the audience cheered her lustily. Her most memorable and solemn songs came after she told the audience, “I dedicate these songs to my inspiration, Lata ji.” Not satisfied with one, she went on to sing two more as the audience cherished the old and popular numbers from Lata Mangeshkar, the legendary Bollywood singer with a golden voice.

More than a decade after winning the reality show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, the charming beautiful woman from a small town in Rajasthan, proved to the audience what it takes to stay in the hearts of millions of music lovers for over a decade. “I have a Ph.D. romance,” she told the audience. “My heart is melting away in romance for the love of music and the audience who are very close to my heart. For it’s you who are my inspiration and motivation to give my best,” she said and went on to sing yet another popular number to the joy of the packed audience at the Auditorium.

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Amidst screaming proclamations of love and admiration from fans, with rhythmic claps and audible hums, Shreya engaged the audience in conversation, leading them to sing with her, which the crowd did regularly and enthusiastically. She would put the microphone out for the audience to sing along, which the crowd seemed to enjoy. “You all sing so beautiful,” she told the crowd even as they completed the lines of the songs where Shreya had left.

They wanted songs in all of their languages: Gujarati, Tamil, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, and Malayalam. “I am afraid, I am not able to sing in all,” Then she went on to sing a few lines from a song in Malayalam. Then she began a song in “my own Bengali” and shifted to Hindi at ease and then completed the same song in Bengali to the joy of Bengalis among the audience. “I consider myself blessed to have been endowed with a voice to serve music,” she said. “I wish I could go on,” she said, “But I need to end with one more song,” she said, as the audience shouted for more.

The live orchestra gathered around Shreya to play an effective supporting role while she herself drew upon all of her stamina and technique to deliver a mercurial three-hours long concert. And local artists danced in the background flawlessly adding to the charm of the entire night.

Shreya Ghoshal, 28, has won 4 National Film Awards, 5 Filmfare Awards, 5 IIFA Awards, 5 Screen Awards and numerous others and is the youth icon with a melodious voice with hundreds of hit songs in several Indian languages. The talented young artist and youth icon has worked in more than 180 films and has mesmerized millions around the globe. Shreya Ghoshal is among the few contemporary singers who makes music an emotional experience. With AAPI leading the efforts to have her perform across the United States, music lovers across the United States have an opportunity to listen, watch, and enjoy the melodious voice of the Melody Queen.

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After mesmerizing thousands of music lovers in Charlotte, NC on Friday, September 21st, and in New York on the following night, Melody Queen Shreya Ghoshal, performed live before in yet another sold-out event in Columbus, OH on Sunday, September 23rd. While the successful event was coordinated by Drs. Sarjoo Bhagla and Nimish Patel in Charlotte, NC, the sold out event in New York was coordinated by Drs. Ajay Lodha and Dharmi Kanuga. The concert in Columbus, OH was organized by Drs. Gautam Samadder and Suri Suresh.

The event in Orlando, FL on September 28th is spearheaded by Dr. Aravind Pillai and Vraj Panara. The Houston, TX event on September 29th is being led by Drs. Nik Nikam, Freemu Varghese, and Kulwinder Rajwa. In Atlanta, GA the musical nite on September 30th is being coordinated by Sudhakkar Jonnlagadda. The Washington, DC event on October 5th; is led by Sudhir Seksharia and Nayan Shah, while the Dallas, TX event on October 6th is led by Drs. Srnivas Gunukula, Sridhar Korsapati, Srini Putluri, and Shabhnam Mudgil. The grand finale of the exciting Tour on October 7th in San Jose, CA is being led by Drs. Hemant Dhingra and Akhil Wadhera.

AAPI is a forum to facilitate and enable over 65,000 Indian American Physicians and 25,000 Fellows to excel in patient care, teaching and research and to pursue their aspirations in professional and community affairs. Founded with the objective to promote professional solidarity in pursuit of excellence for all its members, AAPI brings American medicine the distinctive contributions from India in order to advance the American creed of one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. For more information about AAPI, please visit.

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