Monkemoner Station – Shreya Ghoshal

Monkemoner Station – Shreya Ghoshal

Monkemoner Station – Shreya Ghoshal
The wait is over. Singing sensation Shreya Ghoshal is back with her Bengali solo album Monkemoner Station, launched today in the presence of music stalwarts of the city, by Asha Audio Company. As Durga Puja is round the corner, Shreya’s 8 songs in Monkemoner Station promises be a listener’s delight.

After almost 9 years Shreya recorded this Bengali album which is a unique blend of mellifluent melody, hip-hop, rock n roll and semi-classical songs. The songs ‘Dyekho’, ‘Bandhu Kotha Rakhish’, ‘Monkemoner Station’ & ‘Chithhira Chhilo Elomelo’ are bound to touch a chord in listener’s heart. The songs are composed and arranged by Joy Sarkar and the lyrics have been penned by Srijato.

“I’m thankful to Asha Audio for initiating and inviting me to record this Bengali album. Monkemoner Station is very close to my heart. The melody is soothing and lilting. I made my friends listen to all the songs and the response is amazing. They have requested me to sing more Bengali numbers. So, I promise my fans out here to expect many such albums in the future.”, saidShreya Ghoshal at the launch.

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“Shreya has sung the songs so well in her inimitable style that it has just left us spellbound. All the songs are refreshing and melodious”, said Ms Mahua Lahiri, Director, Asha Audio.

Shreya Ghoshal added, “It is our endeavour to fight against music piracy and if we from the music fraternity cannot take any measures to stop piracy, then the industry will continue to suffer. Hence, we pledge to kill piracy & save music”.

Asha Audio Company is all set to conquer the hearts of millions with their forthcoming Durga Puja albums featuring the most popular singers across genre.

Monkemoner Station
Price: Rs. 150 – Rs. 135
Details of Music ‒ Monkemoner Station
Artist: Shreya Ghoshal
Music Director: Jay Sarkar
Lyrics: Srijato
Title: Monkemoner Station
Category: Music
Format: Audio CD
Language: Bengali
Year: 2012
Label: Asha Audio

Mon Kemoner Station Shreya Ghoshal Official | Joy Sarkar | Srijato

Track Listings:
1. Dyakho
2. Ja Khusi Saratadin
3. Bandhu Katha Rakhis
4. Chithira Chilo Elomelo
5. Chokher Bali
6. Sandhye Naame Jekhane
7. Aaj Benche Ne
8. Monkemoner Station

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Num of Discs: 1
Genre: Indian Pop/Rock

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