Shreya Ghoshal Releases Her New Song ‘Angana Morey’

Angana Morey

Shreya Ghoshal Releases Her New Song ‘Angana Morey’
Shreya Ghoshal releases her new song Angana Morey. She also went live from its premiere. Take a look at the song as well as her live session.

Shreya Ghoshal has released her latest track titled Angana Morey today on February 3, 2021. The song was eagerly awaited amongst her fans who showered it with a lot of love as soon as it was released. Shreya who was live on her Instagram account as the song premiered has shared the session on her feed as she thanks her viewers for the response. Read along and take a look at it.

Shreya Ghoshal’s song Angana Morey premiered on YouTube today on February 3, 2021, at 12 pm. The singer was herself quite excited about the song’s release and so were her fans who have been hyped about it ever since the announcement was made. Shreya also did an Instagram live session as her song premiered wherein she read and replied to the charade of comments full of love and appreciation for the song.

The singing mogul has recorded the live session and shared it on her feed as well. She was visibly excited for the release and also expressed it quite a number of times in the 36-minute long video. During the session, Shreya also thanked and highly appreciated the efforts and work of her band and orchestra that have done the music composition for the video, handled by Soumyadeep Ghoshal.

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Talking about the song, Shreya says, “The song creation process was a lot of fun because I had a fabulous team of musicians jamming and exploring new ideas constantly. And then the video creation was another awesome experience. Because of the COVID-19 scare, I wasn’t comfortable going to any studio for a shoot so the team behind BToS Productions brought the shoot home! The post-production touches by this team added that surreal and magical factor to the video that just blew us all away. The 3D rendering and graphics which were woven around me just elevated the entire visual experience to another level. I must also mention the extraordinary dancer duo from Team Nrityashakti and the choreography by the amazing Shakti Mohan that created wonders!”.

She also added how she spent her time during the lockdown and what drove her to do the song, “The pandemic and the entire 2020 were obviously very depressing for all of us in many ways. But in a way, there were some blessings in disguise. Honestly, I had not had a break like this in years and I once again began to focus on my ‘Riyaz’ routine. I became a more mindful listener and started learning with a more meditative and creative bent of mind. While finding small joys in the confines of my home, I started doing gardening, cooking, cleaning and working on some pending film projects from my home studio. During this phase, my heart was craving to create a song which resonated with my semi-classical musical roots and that is how the idea of, Angana Morey was born”.

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Angana Morey Lyrics
Aao sajan angana morey
Aao sajan angana morey
Din rain tumari yaad sataye
Aao sajan angana morey
Aao sajan angana morey
Aao sajan… Angana Morey.. Angana Morey..


Raag preet ka tumne sunaya
Saat suron mein mohe sajaya

Tere moh mein aise
Man bheetar mehak rahi hun

Is peedh ko samjho piya
Haan is peedh ko samjho piya
Jiya ab na maane

Aao sajan angana morey
Aao sajan angana morey
Din rain tumari yaad sataye
Aao sajan


Aao.. Sajan aao.. aaa..
Sajan laagi..
Laagi mohe jog piya..
Aao sajan angana morey..
Aao sajan..

Angana Morey | Shreya Ghoshal & Soumyadeep Ghoshal

Singer, Composer, Lyricist : Shreya Ghoshal
Music Produced by : Soumyadeep Ghoshal
Additional Production, Live Strings Orchestrated by : Samarth Srinivasan
Tabla : Nitin Mitta
Flute : Rajeev Prasanna
Guitars : Soumyadeep Ghoshal
Live Strings : Budapest Art Orchestra
Mixed and Mastered by Aftab Khan at Headroom Studio, Mumbai
Mix Assistant Vatsal Chevli

Directed by Nazeef Mohammed
Edited by Allan Fernandes
DOP : Ronnel Parmar
Conceptualisation by Nazeef Mohammed and Allan Fernandes
Motion Graphics Director : Mayur Sharma
3D Artist : Parth Reshamwala
Face Mapping : Prashant Bhikadia
Illustrator : Robin Chakraborty
Graded by Mayur Sharma and Nitesse
Offline Edit by Sagar Parikh
Assistant Editor : Yogesh Chandravanshi
Additional Artwork : Gayathri Sankaran

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Choreography : Shakti Mohan
Assistant Choreography : Somya Kautia, NrityaShakti
Dancers : Mukta Nagpal and Parth Sethi , NrityaShakti

Production Team : Parth Shah, Renish Kotodia, Rohan Shetty, Deep Dave and Meher Singh
Project Coordinators : Smrithi Menon and Khushboo Gugle
Video Conceptualised , Produced and Post Produced at BToS Productions

Distributed by : Believe Digital

Shreya Ghoshal teams up with her talented brother, Soumyadeep Ghoshal to compose and produce this intense yet intricate electronic pop ode to the feeling of longing, titled “Angana Morey”.

Sung by the inimitable Shreya Ghoshal, Angana Morey, is rooted, earthy and intense. Shreya makes her presence felt through her idiomatic phrasing, penning words that invoke the bittersweet feeling of longing and reunion. Shreya’s lyrics and singing, transport you into a satisfying trance, while Soumyadeep switches to top gear with his intelligent production, fusing electronic layers with the magnanimous Budapest Symphony Orchestra, guitars, tabla and distinguished flute parts that all converge into a dramatic confluence!

The song is Shreya’s contemporary interpretation of the girl longing for her beloved, deeply in love for each other, but away from her. The raag, the composition and the music are encapsulating and transport you like a whirlwind from one universe to another, visually captured by the choreography and life like projections in the video.

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