Most influential celebs on social media

anushka, alia, amitabh, akshay,shreya

Bollywood stars rule Forbes’ list of most influential celebs on social media Forbes Asia’s inaugural 100 Digital Stars list highlights 100 singers, bands, and film and TV stars from across the Asia-Pacific region who have taken the digital world by storm. With their powerful social media presence, these trailblazers have garnered millions of loyal followers across popular platforms, making them as famous online as they are on stage and screen. This list, which is unranked, comes at an exceptional time. Much of the region’s population is spending time isolated at…

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K Raman Iyer chronicles singing sensation Shreya Ghoshal’s rise to fame

singing sensation Shreya Ghoshal, wallpaper

The new nightingale INTRO: K Raman Iyer chronicles singing sensation Shreya Ghoshal’s rise to fame If you believe in astrology, those who are born under the star sign ‘Pisces’ are supposed to unbelievably talented, imaginative, and sensitive. Perhaps those traits would best explain the reasons Piscean Shreya Ghoshal is regarded one of the best playback singers in India today. When Shreya (nicknamed Piu) arrived on the music scene in 2003, the Nightingale of India Lata Mangeshkar had decided to call it a day, while singers Alka Yagnik, Sadhana Sargam, and…

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Shreya Ghoshal’s henna design

Shreya Ghoshal henna design

Henna designs most popularly known as mehndi designs, mehndi or henna tattoos, a popular culture in India, Pakistan, Africa and Gulf. It is applied on hands and legs during any special occasion, celebration times like weddings, festivals, and ceremonies. Therefore, every woman wants to apply the design as a part of celebration and luck. It is also a form of decoration especially for brides. From the earlier times Mehndi is prepared from the plant called “HENNA (an arabic word).” Some historians suggest that the culture of mehndi art in India…

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Want to be part of a birthday video for Shreya?

Shreya Ghoshal birthday

Want to be part of a birthday video for Shreya? @SGfamily, #HappyBirthdayShreyaGhoshal after much deliberation we have decided, taking into account all your ideas, on the themes for the birthday video this year: 1) Reasons why you love Shreya (please don’t go for the general/common reasons as we don’t want repeats, be personal in your reasoning) Each video must be less than 45 seconds, deadline 31st Jan (you can include lots of little reasons or one lengthy reason) 2) Each of you, please record yourself saying “We love you” and…

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Towards Spiritual Awakening

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

Towards Spiritual Awakening Shreya Ghoshal – Facebook : Everyone of you please read this article! A very important insight, post the Nirbahaya rape case, into the current state of affairs of our society and how we can reform. My dad shared it with me. Do read! The recent brutal violation of the young girl we call Nirbhaya – the Fearless one – has shaken everyone, compelling us to examine the life we lead and the values we follow. Any kind of violence perpetrated on another is not a sign of…

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Shreya Ghoshal’s sleep walk!

shreya ghoshal sleeping

Shreya Ghoshal’s sleep walk! By B4U Source | April 30, 2010 Shreya Ghoshal is astonished at herself! She tells that she slept yesterday on her couch and today morning found herself on bed! How is that promising, we don’t know but well the singer surprised us also. “Last night I dozed off on the couch watching TV but woke up on my bed in the morning. Mystery! Magic! Sleep walking!” tells a puzzled singer. This is so odd, we say. Optimistically she will untangle the reason behind this! Sleepwalking, also…

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from Shreya Ghoshal fb

shreya ghoshal, google images

#Shreya Ghoshal – Some self proclaimed Media Intellectual/ Columnist named @maheshmurthy who thrives on his nuisance value to garner cheap publicity has written an article abt a blog site, which is dedicated to me by a fan. It was brought to my notice by a friend. I was disgusted to see how he used derogatory remarks about the site to indirectly denigrate me. Leaving aside a little technological investigation, any school kid could have understood that the the blog site cannot belong to me and obviously is a fan…

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The unforgettable you… Shreya Ghoshal

shreya ghoshal, in music class

The unforgettable you… Shreya Ghoshal I love Shreya didi and that’s no secret, lol. She might not know it, but she has a friend in me, and this is my way of giving a dear friend a true gift. I can’t dial a number to say: “Hey, I’m here for you, don’t forget that okay?”…So this is what I CAN do. Like Shreya didi speaks through her music, I speak through my videos. Life isn’t easy, specially when you are under the spotlight and you never know who loves you…

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Wrong number! Sleepy Ayushmann Khurrana dials Shreya Ghoshal

Ayushmann Khurrana dials Shreya Ghoshal

Wrong number! Sleepy Ayushmann Khurrana dials Shreya Ghoshal Ayushmann Khurrana has been working long hours on the sets of Rohan Sippy’s next film. Naturally, he had lost several hours of sleep and his assistant director Shrey Oberoi had to bear the ‘side-effects’ of the actor’s sheer exhaustion. A source present on the sets tells us, “Ayushmann was so sleepy-eyed that instead of dialing his AD Shrey Oberoi’s number at 8 am, he instead called up singer Shreya Ghoshal!” The actor has been put up at a hotel in south Mumbai…

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