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Some self proclaimed Media Intellectual/ Columnist named @maheshmurthy who thrives on his nuisance value to garner cheap publicity has written an article abt a blog site, which is dedicated to me by a fan. It was brought to my notice by a friend. I was disgusted to see how he used derogatory remarks about the site to indirectly denigrate me. Leaving aside a little technological investigation, any school kid could have understood that the the blog site cannot belong to me and obviously is a fan site. I am appalled to see such incompetency. In my whole life I have never claimed anything to glorify me or my work and neither will I ever do. My merit has not been decided by me but only by my superiors, audiences and fans and by his words he has in fact indirectly hurt all these people I love. I thought it was my responsibility to bring to your notice of the existence of such pseudos. The link of the article is attached.

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