Want to be part of a birthday video for Shreya?

Shreya Ghoshal birthday

Want to be part of a birthday video for Shreya?
@SGfamily, #HappyBirthdayShreyaGhoshal after much deliberation we have decided, taking into account all your ideas, on the themes for the birthday video this year:

1) Reasons why you love Shreya (please don’t go for the general/common reasons as we don’t want repeats, be personal in your reasoning) Each video must be less than 45 seconds, deadline 31st Jan (you can include lots of little reasons or one lengthy reason)

2) Each of you, please record yourself saying “We love you” and then making a heart shape with your hands (4 seconds) deadline 4th Feb

3) Birthday song! As per last year, film yourself and your friends having fun singing Happy Birthday to Shreya 🙂 deadline 4th Feb

4) The main depth of this video will be our gift to her and as we all know Shreya is very much into charity work and the environment hence we could all do some charity work in her name, for her, as part of SGF, SG family foundation (a logo of SGF will be unveiled shortly that you can include in your pics/vids). Shreya will appreciate your efforts, no matter what you do – just do it with a clean heart.

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For this element of the video you can send in pics and/or videos and a brief written description of what you did.
Deadline 20th Feb!

5) Thank you’s – a short (very short) thank you message for her, showing our appreciation. Record yourself saying “thank you for …..” ie Thank you for inspiring me or thank you for being my role model, thank you for being so dedicated etc. Deadline 4th Feb

It would be easier if you sent videos 123 and 5 together, earlier and then the charity work after as it will take time hence the later deadline.

If you have any extra ideas or something special you want to add in that’s personal to you tweet/dm me, Jagavi or Presilla 🙂

Email: shreyabdayproject@hotmail.com
Please write your name, username and location as the subject of the email.

Get recording 🙂

Posted Wednesday 16th January 2013 by Shamma Khan (@Shamma_Khan)

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