Shreya Ghoshal: I am not a competitive person

Shreya Ghoshal - Desingu Raja Exclusive Interview

Shreya Ghoshal: I am not a competitive person
Shreya Ghoshal was one of those singing talents who performed for Royal Stag MirchiMusic Awards that took place last eve. Sherya took the stage and the audiences on a musical journey with her melodious voice and also took away the award for best female vocalist of the year for the song ChikniChameli.

Shreya for the first time tried such kind of song and she was awarded for the same. ” I was not even expecting the nomination for Chikni Chameli which I sang but I am glad that not only nominated but I won the award for the song because for the first time tried such kind of song and getting appraciated means lot,” said Shreya on winning the award.

Shreya adds, ” The feeling of winning any award is always exciting. Normally all the awards are always important but the awards which are specially made for music and given by musical people is always special to win as we get pure appreciation. Mirchi is doing a great job of appreciating all the people related to music.”

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When asked about the tough competitor for this nominee and Shreya replies immediately, “I am not a competitive person. I am a kind who will cheer for every one who is stepping up the stage for the award and I congratulate all the nominees and the winners along with me. Because according to me all the singers who were nominated are best as they sang different kinds of songs.”

Shreya Ghoshal has won many awards till now and is looking forward for winning few more in the future. “An award means a lot to me. It brings happiness along with a kind of fear. It brings fear because the award is the responsibility which audiences have put on us. So a singer winning an award should always try to give best of him to the audiences,” Shreya said.

We wish Shreya for winning this award!!!

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