Early years of Shreya Ghoshal

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Early years of Shreya Ghoshal
For Shreya Singing is not the gift of god, she had the passions for singing from childhood, she started learning music from the age of four. She learned from her mother. She took training of classical music at the age of six where all other kids enjoy their life, she was busy in building her life. She aquire training from padmashree Late Mukta Bhidji and Padmashree Late kalyani Bhai.

When Shreya jee came to SA RE GA MA PA, and Sonu Jee hosted that… Who knew that Music will take them together on the same route and in coming future whichever song they both will sing together, will become the most precious diamond of Indian Film Industry. From Dil dooba, Teri bahooon mein hum, pal pal, is pal, shukran allah, zoobi doobi to rehnuma, hamesha n forever, chori kiya re jiya and hundred more… Jo gana yeh dono ga detay hain woh amar ho jata hai… Kamal ki singing jodi hai…

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11 years old Shreya Ghoshal surprising everyone…
Born with pure talent of singing…

Well we know that Sanjay Leela Bansali who discover Shreya’s talent in the show ‘ Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’ but it is quite interesting to know that He was not the one who actually discover Shreya’s talent, it was his mother Leela Bansali who noticed Shreya singing at the 75th Special Children Episode of ‘ Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’ Show. She then called up Sanjay to listen to Shreya singing. Sanjay was so impress after listen to her that he decided to give her a chance in his next movie.

After Sanjay decided to take Shreya in his next film, He searches her in so many location and unfortunately he forget her name and he faced so many difficult. But Like saying always hard work pays, god also help Sanjay to find Shreya and she became the voice of Paro in Devdas.

On April 26, 2013 Shreya was awarded with highest honour bestowed. She is not only famous in India, but she is famous in entire world for her singing. The governor of The United states of Ohio, Mr. Ted Strickland also declared a day as Shreya Ghoshal day that is 26th of June.

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She received national award at the age of 26. Seems like lucky number for Shreya is 26. She not only sings in hindi language, but several other language she can sing like nepali, Marathi, telugu, Bengali, Gujurati and kannada. She is multi-talented singer. Not for Hindi she received awards she also won so many awards in this language.

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