Early years of Shreya Ghoshal

shreya ghoshal, young

Early years of Shreya Ghoshal For Shreya Singing is not the gift of god, she had the passions for singing from childhood, she started learning music from the age of four. She learned from her mother. She took training of classical music at the age of six where all other kids enjoy their life, she was busy in building her life. She aquire training from padmashree Late Mukta Bhidji and Padmashree Late kalyani Bhai. When Shreya jee came to SA RE GA MA PA, and Sonu Jee hosted that… Who…

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Shreya hates being called ‘playback’

shreya-ghoshal, playback singer

Shreya hates being called ‘playback’ Shreya Ghoshal says she hates the practice of categorising crooners as “playback singers” in the Indian film industry. “I’ll tell you that one sad part of our industry is that everything is behind the screen. Singers are called playback, which is very derogatory according to me,” Shreya told IANS. The young and talented crooner, who has even won a national award, regrets that it takes a long time for the audience to know the real person behind the voices they love. “When we go to…

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