Tech-head and aspiring music moghul

Tech-head and aspiring music moghul — not quite the Shreya Ghoshal one expects! by Anindita Mitra – September 5 , 2012 Shreya Ghoshal was in town on Monday to launch her Puja album, Monkemoner Station, a compilation of modern Bengali songs composed by Joy Sarkar and penned by Sreejato. The album has been produced by Asha Audio Company. From apps to kitchen mishaps, the PYT got talking to t2 before the launch. How did Monkemoner Station come into being? I wanted to break into non-film music for a long…

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Chit-Chat with Shreya Ghoshal

Shreya Ghoshal and the piano

Chit-Chat with Shreya Ghoshal Success means staying grounded. This mantra has made Shreya Ghoshal the leading female singer of Bollywood, a position she has consolidated by not taking the first offer that came her way, by exercising self-restraint and concentrating on polishing her talent. The reality TV star from small town India has snapped up award after award, including two National Awards, five Filmfares and four IIFAs, within a short career span of seven years. She has an apartment in Juhu but chooses to meet Chandan Mitra at her father’s…

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