Notes from 2012’s gaana diary

Deepika Padukone, Shreya Ghoshal

Notes from 2012’s gaana diary For the music maniacs, here’s’s list of all the music – hit songs, albums and singers – that played on loop on our playlists in the year gone by: Shreya Ghoshal She was the most popular female vocalist on gaana. She topped the list in Bollywood and is on No 5 in Tamil. Justin Bieber Bieber dominated the top global music listened to in India. He beat all other international artists hands down. Highlights of 2012 Ayushmann Khurrana’s Pani Da Rang was the top-played…

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Anirudh records Shreya Ghoshal

anirudh ravichander

Anirudh records Shreya Ghoshal His debut as a composer took him to cyclonic heights, whatever then followed is always being compared to a benchmark know world over as Kolaveri Di. For Anirudh Ravichander the response for ‘Why This Kolaveri Di’ was overwhelming. Yet, that does stop him from making greater promises and striving to live up to his best. He reassured fans that Ethir Neechal will be a bigger hit than his last attempt. Kolaveri has crossed 63 million hits till date and yet you promise more! Wow. Dhanush’ debut…

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