Touching the Goddess Shreya Ghoshal

Hi Shreya Goshal fans;
Woooow, don’t know where to start. Too much things happened in a couple days, I still can’t believe it. Lets start by the beginning.

Everyone knows that I wanted to meet miss. Ghosal very badly, so started counting days on Twitter. I got my first tweet about the concert on 28 sept. 2010. She wrote on Twitter:

@shreyaghoshal 2nd oct. The Hague. RT @Sehrinaz: @shreyaghoshal Miss. Ghoshal, when will you arrive in Netherlands? Can’t still believe that I’ll see u :))

Then we didn’t hear much news cuz Shreya was busy with recording songs. I started making plans how to meet my Goddess.

30 september 2010:
Had a busy day and I forgot my keys inside the house 🙂 so I couln’t use my laptop, my phone’s battery was low and that day Action Replayy’s promotion ‘O Bekhabar’ was in the air. Later that day I wrote Shreya a lot of tweets told even about the plans I had maded. Plan A was to make an appointment through Twitter Plan B was jumping on stage, but the risk was to get caught by security and wouldn’t see Shreya’s performance, Plan C was going to the airport, but had no idea when the flight would take off & Plan D was to bribe Shreya with chocolates, cuz I knew she loves them. She did’nt reply 🙁 but I catched her late in the night chatting with Nishant. I felt guilty that I wrote too messages and botherd her, so I apoligised. Shreya wrote back:

shreya ghoshal at airport

shreyaghoshal @Sehrinaz wat happened?
I Explained the situation and she wrote:

Shreya Ghoshal @shreyaghoshal @Sehrinaz will meet u at d concert. Don’t worry.

I felt like I was in heaven. Knew she would meet me 🙂 That night she took the flight to Holland.

1 October 2010:
Heard that Shreya was going to the radiostation, but she didn’t mentioned which one. So I was looking like crazy to hear her on the radio, No luck! Had listened to wrong radiostations. I was looking in The Hague and she was I heard later in Rotterdam 🙂

2 October 2010:
The BIG day has come, bought the chocolates, picked Roshnie en went on the road to The Hague. It’s 1.15 hours driving but the time flew. It was raining very heavy outside. The World Forum Theatre looked beautiful. We looked our seats with Roshnie and our was nr. 15. I thouth it wil be like 20-25 from the stage. When I saw my place I just got shocked!! First thing I said was : Roshnie I’m gonna kill you! It was almost 50-75 meter from the stage and on the end of the left side. We took our seats and all my hopes was my new camera, I tried it out and had to zoom full to see the stage from close 🙁 I wasn’t happy with this eather, blamed Roshnie again. She said : everything will be all right just enjoy and you’ll forget all of this when you meet Shreya. She convinced me. The program started at 19.30 First they called the musicians of Shreya, they gave an exellent instrumental performance of a cupple songs of Shreya. Then a comedian came on stage, maked some good jokes. After that came a guy (sorry forgot his name, think they said he participated in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa), singed a cupple songs, he had a nice voice. Then there came the moment I was eagerly waiting to see/hear. The music of ‘Silsila Yeh Chaahat Ka’ beguns and I was thinking this can’t go wrong, Shreya was starting with the song which my other Diva Aishwarya Rai played in. The ‘The Goddess” itself came on stage, I couldn’t control myself and shouted with the rest of the audience, u can hear me shouting in the first video 🙂 Shreya wore a beatiful blue dress with a bolero, her hair down, so elegant, she looked like an angel. Altough I believe she is an angel. And with a magical voice she started singing ‘Silsila Yeh Chaahat Ka’. She said “Hello Everybody” and I automatically waved my hand. Everyone was enjoying, tried notify my tweet friends what was going on. Made lots of photos but the lightning wasn’t that well, it was too dark, was sitting at the back and Shreya couldn’t stand still 🙂 Shreya tried even to talk Netherlands. It sounded soo sweet from her mounth. And then her laugh… u can just melt away hearing it. Shreya singed her famous songs and finished the first half with ‘Mere Dholna’ got an huge applause for it when she started Ni Sa Ni Sa Ni Sa Ni Sa Ga Ni Ga Ni etc. I love that part, a breathtaking moment. Amazingly voice controlled. In the break I went to the security guy and asked to meet Shreya Ghoshal, He said that no one is allowed on stage, I said “I don’t want to go on stage, I want to meet her backstage, that I got her permission”. He said that the magager gave strictly order that no one will meet Shreya and that Shreya herself said that too. I could’t believe my ears, I said that it couln’t be true because I know that Shreya always have time for her fans. I told him about Twitter, he said he will make a phone call. I went back to my place, very very angry at the managers. I saw the security guy making the phonecall, then he came near us and told it was NOT possible, I broke down. Everything was going wrong. I tweeted what happened to Shreya and said I was sad & dissapointed. My only chance was if she looked on her mobile in the breake she will see the tweets of her fans, so I thought I will ask my Twitter friends to tweet Shreya if she will meet me. They were amazing and I saw the tweets to Shreya. I wrote a note to Shreya that she kindda promised me to meet her & now it’s not possible. I went to the security guy again and asked if I may give Shreya the note. He smiled softly and reminded me to what he said earlier. I said “you can read it, it’s just paper and I promiss I won’t do anything crazy’ and that he can walk with me to the stage”. He said “let’s see if it’s staying calm that he would figure something out. I went back and told Roshnie what happend. She gave me as tip “take the chocolates with you, who knows?”. The second half began with ‘Barso Re’. Shreya wore a short beautifull sexy black dress with a ribbond round her belly. I was like wooow. I tried to take pics but no luck, becouse that black dress wasn’t doing good for my pictures 🙁 All my hope was now going later to the stage. Shreya’s interaction with the audience is absolutely amazing and entertaining. Singed again beautifull songs. The concert was going to end so I went to the security guy again. He said that I can’t interrup Shreya while talking. I said ‘I can’t interrup Shreya while she is singing, it’s easier to interrup while talking’ he wasn’t convinced. I thought I have to do something “this is my chance” so I screamd twice miss. Ghoshal, she didn’t hear. I was litterly shaking doing it. I screamd again “SHREYAAAAA” she turned to me and said “Haan ji” with a very lovely smile on her face. I walked to the stage and gave her the note and the chocolates. She bent forwards and took the note & the chocolates. She asked my name, I said “Sehrinaz from twitter” so that she maybe will remember me, she didn’t hear and put the mike to me. I was soo nervous and I knew that everyone was looking at me. I told Shreya again my name and she said “What exotic” She gave me a hand and I walked to my seat. I was in the clouds becouse I touched my Goddess. Walking back I saw people still looking at me but they were smiling. Sheya said “I don’t know wich I sall do, eat the chocolate or sing a song”? She went on with singing a song. Roshnie was looking surprised. I remembered Nishan’s words. I once asked him how it felt seeing Shreya in front of you. He said : ’ it felt like God came down to eath and touched me, she’s my God. I didn’t understand him at that time. Now I do!! I kept looking at my right hand, Shreya toched me! I enjoyed the concert now more, finially something went right. I was mad at the audience at the left side where I was sitting. They were litterly dead people, no clapping, no singing, no dancing! I and an grandpa behind me were the only one enjoying. They only clap at the end of the song! Even Roshnie was like that, she said, that it was her was of enjoying. Couldn’t understand those people. Right side was rocking, wish I was sitting there. It was 23.30 and Shreya had to end the concert but she didn’t want to go. She asked the people background “Ek More” and she started singing. She thanked everybody and left the stage. It was a rocking concert. I went again to the security guy but he said that she has to leave quick. I thought that she would take the flight back to India. Roshnie and I went to a niece of her who lived in Den Haag and stayed there to 1 am. When I checked my tweet I was surprised Shreya said:

Shreya Ghoshal @shreyaghoshal @Sehrinaz Pls check your DM.

I paralised for a moment, I had an Direct Message of Shreya on twitter.

3 October: I readed the DM it said:
Shreya Ghoshal @shreyaghoshal Hi swthrt. Can you pls come to my hotel in d morning. Pls call on this no. His name is Chanderji, he will help u out

OMG!! I couldn’t believe my eyes, I thanked Shreya and wrote back that I would call him. Roshnie didn’t believe me, she thought it was a joke. In that rush I called but phone was swiched off (that’s what we were thinking) called again and again no luck. I gave Roshnie the foult that she wanted to go to her niece and that I missed the tweet On our way home we talked about the concert and what we should do in the morning. I dropped her home at 2.45 and went to bed at 3.30 Set an alarm at 6.30 I could’t sleep, was still thinking about ‘what if….’ I called the number in the morning but it said that the number I was calling not in use. I thought why God? U opened one door and closed another one! When I checked the number again I saw that I was dialling 1 nr. wong. I said “STUPID” against myself. Ringed the phone once, then sent 2 messages. Didn’t get reply. I thought maybe he’s sleeping so waited till 7.30 Still no reply, then I called him. He was indeed still sleeping I told him that Shreya wanted meet me. He gave the name of the hotel and that I could come till 11.00 o’clock, cuz then she has to catch the flight. I thanked him and called Roshnie to get ready. Picked her up and drove to The Manhattan hotel in Rotterdam, reached there at 10.00 To the reception I said that we have an appointment with Shreya, she called Shreya at her room and asked me if I wanted talk to her. I was stunned and said YES immidiatly. Nerves rushed through my whole body. Shreya picked up the phone and said ‘Hello’ I said: “miss Ghoshal I’m Sehrinaz from twitter, I’ve reached the hotel” She said “Oh Ok, will be ready till 11, can u wait? I thought I’ve waited soo long to see you, how can I not wait. I said “ofcours I can wait” and we hanged up. In the meantime we saw the crew of Shreya, chat a little bit. They recognised me and called me ‘the chocolate girl’ I like the nickname. Then a manager who’s also a director came, we talked. Later the organiser Chander came, he recognised me from yesterday talking to Shreya, we chat like 30 min. He told us that Shreya came to Holland when she was 21, he said “she was a little child, now 5 years later she’s grown to a women. I asked him how Shreya was as a person, he told us that she was the only musician that is soo sweet, and treat people nice. Was so glad to thear that. I knew that but still it’s always good to hear, so that I can be prepared for the unexpected. I asked him ‘what made Shreya to invite me’? He said that Shreya in the car told about a fan that she wanted to meet, but how was she going to do that? He told her to invite to the hotel. Pieces were falling in their places in my head. I asked him if it’s normal that she invites fans to meet. He said, ‘No, I’ve never saw any celebrity doing it. You’re the first one”. I felt like I was landed in heaven. It was 11.00 Shreya send a message that she will come in 10 min.

Then Shreya came downstairs, I recognised her the moment I saw, stood up, was shaking, my heart started to beat very fast, I thought I was going to faint, thank God it dind’n happen. She came with mer mom, a very sweet person to see. Shreya went to the organisor first. She was standing 3 meter before me! She was looking awesome. I just kept looking/staring at Shreya with a big smile on my face. Then she came to us. She said “Hello” and gave a hug and kisses Shreya said “what a pleasant” all I could say was OMG. She gave Roshnie a hand.

Me: It’s a great pleasure to meet you and thank you for meeting me
* Shreya: No no, It’s a pleasure to me, Sorry you had to wait. I woke up at that time and laught.
Roshnie: Oh that’s not a problem
Me: Oh ok, I slept only 3 hour so I had to call first.

I introduced me to Shreya’s mom, same did Roshnie.
Me: iI’s so great that you want to meet me so I’ve no words

Shreya giggles
Me: You was great last night, absolutely great, you rocked.
* Shreya: Thank you, soo you come frome Switserland, remember this
Me: No
* Shreya: You said from Halland?
Me: yes Waalwijk
* Shreya: Oh, I think I’m, I heard you said you’re from somewhere else when we where talking last night at he concert.

She rememberd me yaaaayyyy. But she thought when I said from Twitter, that was the place were I came from
Me: I know that you can’t read everything that is written.
* Shreya: No no, I do read, I remember that you were there. When I came here didn’t check my Twitter that often. So it’s skipped my mind. Then I saw your.. Once I finished my show and then I saw the tweets.
Roshnie: Oww
Me: I see.
* Shreya: Then I forgot it
Me: Did u realised that I was on stage?
* Shreya: No no, that time I didn’t realised that it was the same girl.
Me: Ok
* Shreya: Then, then I got it, from Nishant, di.. thank you something about you and then I realised

She laughs.
Me: I know Nishant..

Shreya interrups.
* Shreya: He’s a nice guy
Me: Yeah very
Shreya: He’s like the leader of the whole group (with a smile)

Shreya laughs
Me: I know, I know, he’s a very dear friend of mine
* Shreya: Yeah, he’s a nice guy
Me: very very sweet. But is there a possibility that I can take pictures?
* Shreya: Ofcours ofcours.
Me: Last night at the show..
* Shreya: You couldn’t take pictures.
* Shreya: But you’re not an Indian, how come you got interest in my music?
Me: I’m Turkish
* Shreya: That’s unusual
Roshnie: From Bollywood movies
Me: My first interest was Bollywood films then Bollywood music. At first Alka Yagnik, Sunidhi, then I discoverd your music.

Shreya shakes her head
– Me: Did the chocolates taste good? I asked you if you wanted Belgium chacolates but didn’t reply so those where from Waalwijk.
* Shreya: No I did not eat them, they are in my suitcase, take them to India, will eat them with my brother.

We all laught.
* Shreya: Where you want to take pictures? Let’s go there to the flowers.

We took pictures and asked if we could get an autograph of her.
* Shreya: yes, do you have someting?

I fetched my notebook and she signed.
* Shreya: I’ll write to my frst Turkish fan. Your name ended with a ‘z’ right?

I was thinking OMG she knows how to write my name!! Shreya has signed the notebook for Roshnie too. We had another conversation about music & concerts. Shreya comes 30 October to Antwerpen in Belgium, told her I want to attend there too if I can manage it with my scedules. She said, “you should do’. I told Shreya that she let come the music alive. She thanked for that and said that she has to leave. Was a sad moment, didn’t want her to leave Shreya hugged and kissed again, I said in Holland we kiss 3 times and she did that ) Roshnie wanted automatical 2 times but Shreya said 3 times. Said goodbye and Shreya went to the car. It was an old Mercedes, I thought “Hellooo… Shreya Ghoshal is going to sit in your car, atliest you come with a good car’. The driver was the manager So I didn’t say anything. He was a good guy, told even the time and flightnr. of Shreya Last part I filmed. She waved till the car left, was sooo sweet of Shreya.

Shreya Ghoshal @shreyaghoshal @Sehrinaz thank u. U r a wonderful sweet girl. N d first turkish fan I met

I considere myself very very lucky. We got the oppertunity to meet an absolute wanderfull, amazingly talented, kind, sweet, dignified, thoughtfull, magical, joyfull, gorgeus, beautiful, angel, amazinly big hearted loving person. Shreya left me with unforgettable memories.