Shreya Ghoshal – Forbes India Magazine
Jan 2013

Earnings : 10.5 Crore

At a Glance
Age: 29
Source of earnings: N/A
Education: SIES College, Mumbai
Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Residence: Mumbai

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#42 2012 Celebrity 100
#53 in Money
#36 in Fame

Shreya Ghoshal Hot Navel

Fast Profile : One of the most prolific singers today, music writers have hailed her as the ‘Queen Bee of Playback’ and the legendary Lata Mangeshkar has found Ghoshal the closest to her own voice. Her work in Bengali and Marathi cinema and that down South has received nationwide recognition and fetched her national awards.
Fast Facts : Ghoshal was honoured by the US state of Ohio last year, where Governor Ted Strickland declared June 26 as ‘Shreya Ghoshal Day’.

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