Shreya Ghoshal marries secretly?

shreya ghoshal marriage twit

Shreya Ghoshal marries secretly?
We don’t know how many hearts she is going to break but singer Sherya Ghoshal, a secret birdie chirped to us, is all set to tie the knot today. Yes, a popular tabloid had reported earlier that the incredibly popular singer already tied the knot, but there wasn’t any concrete evidence to prove that bit of news.

The 30-year-old is tying the knot today in what is said to be a very private affair with only those who are close to her and the family members attending the do, we hear. It is being reported that entrepreneur Shiladitya Mukhopadhyaya, founder of Rasilant Technologies, is going to be the lucky guy who will take the matrimonial vows with the gorgeous singer. We are not sure why the otherwise peppy and the media friendly gal has kept her marriage a hush affair. May be she had given a clue a few days back with this tweet, hinting at her marriage.

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We also gather that Dola Re Dola singer will be making her return to the UK on tour later this year. Reports also suggest that she will be performing at the Alchemy Festival.

We wish Shreya the best luck and a very happy married life. You too can send in your wishes!

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