Happy Birthday Shreya Ghoshal

Happy Birthday Shreya Ghoshal

Happy Birthday Shreya Ghoshal
March 12 is singer Shreya Ghoshal’s birthday. The renowned best singer, who turned 29, has not only earned praises in Bollywood but also received acclaims for her songs in languages including Bengali, Assamese, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu.

Shreya Ghoshal fans started to celebrate and countdown for her birthday!

Wishing you all the great things in life, hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest.

* You’re not getting older, you’re getting better.

& #HappyBirthdayAtifAslam – Happy Birthday Atif Aslam

Birthday love: The beauty of Shreya Ghoshal
12th March 2013 – by Amrita Tanna – media247.co.uk

Her voice has been a part of Indian cinema for over a decade and she has always showcased her immense versatility in each song she sings. The beautiful Shreya Ghoshal celebrates her birthday today and what better way to pay tribute to one of Bollywood’s most loved singing sensations than by thinking about what makes her so special. However, in a slight detour from the norm, BizAsia are going to look at what makes Ghoshal stand out as a person.

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Having spoken to some of Ghoshal’s well-wishers, it’s easy to say that her voice is nowhere near the only thing that makes her beautiful. However, it is through her music that her beauty is most appreciated. Her multi-talented and multi-lingual talents are commendable as she sings not only in Hindi but also Malayalam and Telugu to name a few. An anecdote shared about this singer perhaps also signifies her dedication to her art. BizAsia has learnt that despite being in pain due to a fracture in her leg, Ghoshal performed on stage in Kolkata in 2010 citing the audiences’ and fans’ love towards her as her biggest strength at that time.

Many of her fans appreciate the time Ghoshal takes to interact and share her journey through social media. It is this interaction and reflection of her true self as a person that – as one well-wisher said – proves to be the root of inspiration for those who support her to do good deeds themselves for those around them. It is indeed very rare for a star who has reached such heights in her career to be motivational in this way but this also shows the down-to-earth and loyal person that Ghoshal is.

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Aside from this, Ghoshal’s fans are appreciative of her child-at-heart persona. This is evident even in the season if reality show ‘X Factor India’ in which she was a panel judge and mentor. Many a time were snippets included of Ghoshal’s invention of words that were sometimes a fusion of English and Hindi and sometimes just two words put together by her and made into a separate word. This quality proves particularly how innocent Ghoshal is as a person and how ordinary a girl she is despite being an international star.

Perhaps one of the most important and lovable qualities many who have met Ghoshal notice and value is that meeting her is like meeting a friend. Many of her fans that we spoke to recalled how excited she seemed when she met them, mirroring their own increased heartbeat at meeting their idol.

BizAsia would like to say a special thanks to all the people who tweeted and got in touch to share their unique experiences and thoughts about the birthday girl. If ever an artist’s fans were true reflections of the artist themselves, this is one such time. BizAsia would like to wish the gorgeous Shreya Ghoshal a very happy birthday and hope her voice continues to reign in the way it already does. May it touch more souls and give us more memorable songs as the months and years go on.

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    Shreya you r my best n best singer…..I love you…..you are my life and you
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    Bas god se Ek wish he meri k apse Ek mulakat ho jaye.

  2. Yatin R Kothari

    Be lated happy Birthday DIDI… all the best for your new album.

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