Again and again Shreya Ghoshal

Shreya Ghoshal

again and again Shreya Ghoshal
Shreya Ghoshal, a consummate ambassador of music representing India, was born on March 12, 1984. When she was two months old, her parents, Biswajit Ghoshal & Sarmitha Ghoshal, moved from West Bengal to a small town along a river-side, called Rawatbhata, near Kota, on the green side of Rajasthan. Since the small-town was a nucleus of numerous nuclear scientists, the main form of entertainment was music. When Shreya was only four years old, she demonstrated her musical talent on stage, in front of her family, friends, and of course nuclear scientists. Her initial training in Hindustani classical music came from her teacher Maheshchandra Sharma.

Early Dawn of Shreya’s Music
Shreya captivated the nation’s audience, mesmerized the music directors, and astonished the judges in the Junior Sa Re Ga Ma Pa contest, which she won. Then she went on to triumph the Senior Sa Re Ga Ma Pa contest, and imprinted in the stands of time, a new era in the Indian Bollywood music.

People in Her Life
Shreya attributes most of her accomplishments to her parents. They have supported her in her mystical music journey, and gave up their lives’ aspirations to see that Shreya could realize her dreams. Veteran music director, Kalyanji, convinced her parents and Shreya to move to Bombay and pursue a career in music. At that time, she was only sixteen years old and her parents had to give-up their professions so that Shreya could reach the heights, of which she hadn’t even imagined. After moving to Bombay, she completed her graduation from SIES College.

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The Ice Breaker
After a two-year wait, a stellar maiden performance by Shreya in Devdas, put her on top of the Bollywood music hall of fame and she has never looked back. She sang all the songs in Devdas and went on to win the national award as the best singer in year 2002. She is very appreciative of Director of the movie, Sanjay Leela Bansali for giving her the chance of a lifetime. Now it is year 2012, after four national awards and numerous regional awards, yet her modesty, humbleness, depth of musical genius, her sweet soothing voice is reflected in every one of her songs. Her polite, respectful, youthful, and vibrant accent is reflected in many of her interviews.

Music Diversity
She has not only sang in most languages from South India, including Malayalam, Kannada, Telagu, Tamil, she also has own the best playback singer awards in most of those languages. In June 2012, she capped a triple crown by winning the best playback singer award in Kannada, Malayalam, and Tamil, an accolade which only accents her versatility and mastery in music diction in multiple languages.

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Shreya the Person
Shreya is a symbol of poise, grace, elegance, beauty, and melody. She has a laser sharp, crystal clear tonal pitch. And, in my opinion, Shreya is vibrant, radiant, and an ambassador of music representing more than a billion people on the face of this earth.

Shreya says that she is pretty happy with the Indian music and doesn’t have any inclination to experiment with the western music, even thought she likes to listen to them. On the other hand she wants to learn more classical Hindustani music. Recently, she has taken-up piano. She also had a dream to produce her own non-filmy music album and record some Ghazals. Just this month, she reached that landmark dream by launching her own Bengali Album, “Mon Kemoner Station.”

When Shreya is not busy with her music recordings, interviews, or on the road, she plays with her six-month old cute dog, named, “Sherlock.” Shreya has more than 5 million followers on Facebook and more than a million followers on Twitter and she tops above most movie stars and Bollywood singers, in the social network.

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Shreya’s favorite dish is fish curry and rice. She loves spicy food. She says she likes cooking channels, because in addition to the sweet talks, the chefs always top off their shows with delicious food.

Mystical Music Journey 2002-2012
Her career began in year 1998, and her first Bollywood break came in year 2002. Shreya remembers her first sitting: March 9, 2000. The first song recorded was Bairi piya. She was asked to rehearse the song once before finally recording. When it was over, Sanjayji told her the song done so well; it would go down the reminiscence line as the final version. To this day, she has completed more than 800 songs. – September 13, 2012

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