Ooh la la Shreya!

Shreya Ghoshal concert, The Hindu 2012

Ooh la la Shreya! She sang, she danced, she conquered… Shreya Ghoshal brought the house down with a string of melodies and masti-filled songs “White I guess suits me well,” said Shreya Ghoshal replying to emcee Sunny Khandelwal’s compliments about her looking good in a chic, elegant white outfit at her recent live show in the city organised by The Hindu. And truly! The colour is the core of her crooning — spotless as snow, clear as a canvas and undulating as the waves. More than a decade after winning…

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Jadu hai nasha hai

jism 2003

Jadu hai nasha hai A few hours before Shreya Ghoshal arrived at RRC Grounds near Rail Nilayam on Saturday evening, she was busy tweeting her favourite songs, which can be quite a challenge given the innumerable hits the 26-year-old has managed to deliver in the nine years she has been in the industry of entertainment. Soon after, she was belting out these numbers at the RRC Grounds, turning the weekend evening a rocking one for Hyderabadis. She didn’t abandon the tweeting though, for she kept the virtual world updated on…

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