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What does Shreya Ghoshal thinks about marriage?
I am trying to resist getting married as long as I can..
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Getting married isn't so simple..
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Does anyone know if Shreya Ghoshal has ever publicly been in love with anyone? I heard reality show singer Rahul vaidya proposed her for marriage once on TV set, but I don’t think anything happened of off that.

She’s got a ton of secret admirers, but is she planning to get married anytime soon? And do you think she will marry someone from the music/film industry? Or does Shreya already have a boyfriend that I am not aware of.

Shreya Ghoshal

Shreya Ghosal marriage and family
Shreya Ghosal mother is worried about her daughter marriage everytimes. She even complains to her daughter that you remain so busy who is going to marry you. Shreya family member are really worried about her marriage but Shreya is not worried about to be husband in her life.

Shreya Ghoshal

Romeo Rahul Vaidya does it again; woos Shreya Ghoshal this time By NehaMaheshwri 22 Dec 2009

Romeo Rahul Vaidya to play the ladies’ man. Remembering him trying to please female judges and celebrity guests with red roses and shayaris!

After wooing Mandira Bedi who hosted Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar, in which he participated, we saw him wearing his heart on his sleeve for Shreya Ghoshal in Music Ka Maha Muqqabla. He even proposed marriage to her! This definitely amused his mentor Himesh Reshamiya, who backs his team-members especially when they resort to such antics. We have heard Himesh sharing stories of his contestants’ colourful love lives. Remember how he would talk about Vineet Singh in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa? Now it seems to be Rahul’s turn.

Well, the story doesn’t end here. It seems Rahul seems to ‘fall in love’ with journalists too! Apparently, during the auditions of Music Ka Maha Muqqabla he lost out his heart to a journalist. Our source on the set informs us, “A journalist was interviewing Rahul and suddenly he started flirting with her. He told her that she looked really pretty and has beautiful eyes and he couldn’t help himself falling in love with her. The girl was obviously uncomfortable. But this didn’t stop him as he went on to dedicate a song to her. We were all perplexed with his behaviour and the girl just couldn’t wait to finish the interview.”

Ask Rahul about this and he clarifies, “I never proposed to Mandira Bedi. I always had a massive crush on her but then she got married. Yes, I proposed to Shreya ji as she is an amazing singer who is equally beautiful and has a great dressing sense. I bumped into her once at the Mumbai airport and had a chance to chat with her. I was completely bowled over by her simplicity and down-to-earth attitude. When I proposed to her she was all fine with it, but later I came to know, some other participant in the next episode proposed to her and even gifted a teddy bear to her. This really irked her and she didn’t like the idea of being proposed to at all. I just follow my heart. If I like someone I will openly say it.”

When we asked him about his alleged display of emotions for the reporter, he said, “I don’t remember any such incident. I just recall complimenting a reporter on her dress. If that is what you call as falling for a girl then so be it.”