Shreya beats Himmesh; the latter ‘breaks’ down, not because he lost

Shreya beats Himmesh; the latter ‘breaks’ down, not because he lost
By NehaMaheshwri 25 Feb 2010 –

Shreya Ghoshal’s Superstars beat Himmesh Reshammiya’s Warriors in Music Ka Maha Muqqabla.

Apart from this exciting music duel, viewers will also get to see some emotion se bharpur moments as Himmesh’s father Vipin Reshammiya was the guest on the show who brought back memories from the past. The angry young singer talked about the hardships the family went through to make it big in the industry.

Shreya Ghoshal & Himmesh Reshammiya

A source informs, “Everyone got emotional as Himmesh’s father had come in support of his son. The duo shared with us some of their beautiful memories and also the trying times they have been through. But it didn’t hamper the stiff competition between the two teams which was on full swing. Shreya’s team outperformed Himmesh’s Warriors. Shantanu Moitra supported Shreya Ghoshal and her team-mates. Aishwarya Majumdar was awarded as the singer of the evening.”

Himesh sang the song Apne toh apne hote hai dedicating to his father. His father also spoke about how the singer rarely smiled. And if you were tired of watching Himmesh bhai’s bombastic statements, this weekend he will tug at your heartstrings with his emotional breakdown.

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