Shreya Ghoshal requests youth to embrace Indian ragas
shreya ghoshal smile
MUMBAI: Shreya Ghoshal, who’s songs have touched the hearts of people across the world, feels Indian youth are negligent towards Hindustani classical music. The singer shared her opinion on her Twitter handle.

Expressing her views, Shreya tweeted , “I feel most of our current generation is ignorant from the fact what impact Indian ragas can have on anybody’s heart if played or sung with all soul.”

The Kar Har Maidaan Fateh singer didn’t stop here but went on to request youngsters to give this precious Indian musical heritage a chance.

“Open your hearts to real Indian music. Give it a try may be, when you’re a li’l emotionally vulnerable you will be less in denial, “she further mentioned in her tweet.

Well, Shreya is completely true as Indian ragas not only leave a footprint on our hearts but also colours our mind. And we hope that Indian youth tune into classical numbers after listening to Ghoshal’s plea.