Lag Ja Gale – Shreya Ghoshal lyrics

Humko mili hai aaj ye ghadiyaan naseeb se
We are very fortunate for these few moments together

Jee bhar ke dekh lijiye humko qareeb se
Lets look at each other closely to our hearts’ content

Phir aapke naseeb mein ye baat ho na ho
Because we will never know whether fate may bestow this opportunity on us again

Shaayad phir iss janam mein mulaaqaat ho na ho
Or, maybe we may never have such a chance in this lifetime.

Lag ja gale…
Come into my arms…

Lag jaa gale ke phir ye haseen raat ho na ho,
Come embrace me because we may never see such a beautiful night again

Shaayad phir is janam mein mulaaqaat ho na ho
Or maybe we may never have such a chance again during this lifetime.

Lag ja gale… se.. se..
Come into my arms…

Shreya Ghoshal, lag ja gale

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